Becoming a tutor

We would love to hear from you

Are you a qualified teacher, University graduate/undergraduate residing in the United Kingdom? Are you enthusiastic and passionate about teaching with a drive and desire to help learners achieve their personal best? If you are, Key stage tutors would love to hear from you.

Why you should work for Key Stage Tutors as a tutor

Whether you are a qualified teacher or a University graduate/undergraduate, Key Stage Tutors provide you with an opportunity to work from the comfort of your home, enabling you to save on travelling expenses.

You can tutor when you want by setting your tutor schedule (displayed on your profile page). This will enable students to choose a mutually convenient time when they request a lesson.

You are helping students from all background to make progress and achieve their personal best.

Tutoring online with key Stage Tutors is easy – just follow these simple steps:

  1. Register for an account.
    • Sign up with a valid email address and complete your profile by selecting the subjects and levels for tutoring and your teacher status.
    • Decide on your cost per hour and remember to add a photo and include a personal statement.
  2. Decide when you want to tutor.
    • Use the tutor schedule on your profile page to plan ahead and set the times you are available for tutoring each day of the week.
    • Students browsing our tutor list are able to request a lesson based on a mutually convenient time seen on your schedule. Remember to update your schedule if a time slot is no longer available.
  3. Getting paid.
    • Set your cost per hour and get paid per minute in your nominated account.
    • We pay balances exceeding £5 on the first working day of the following month. Terms and conditions apply.

Additional important information

You are not expected to list or discuss other tutoring agencies or divulge personal information such as telephone numbers, home/social media/email addresses with members of this website.

You are expected to use our services including our online classroom and payment facilities via our website. Taking customers offline will result in termination of your membership.

You are self-employed and take full responsibility for your own tax.

Virtual classroom

You can use this link to make yourself familiar with the features of the online classroom. We recommend the use of a writing hardware, depending on your subject, to interact with your tutees via the whiteboard sharing facility within the virtual classroom. Further guidance on how to use of the virtual classroom is available online with a member of the Key Stage Tutors team. Please contact us if you have any queries.